Protein Power

How many of you are tired and have no energy? I know that I have my days where I just want to stay in bed all day. That is not beneficial to my work out goals and weight loss goals! Usually I can push through any tiredness and I can get my butt to my jazzercise class, and every time I do I am happy and thankful that I went.

So I have recently started using a Protein Powder on the days that I work out. If you go to Sweat and Smiles you can read a little about my journey so far. Anyway, I find that they give me more energy when I really need it, and they are absolutely delicious! We get ours online and the options for recipes are endless. If you are like me you are looking for something that is going to help you build muscle without looking like the Hulk, and you are looking for something that tastes good and blends with little effort. We have all had the expierience with a chalky sludge-like substance that we try to choke down as quickly as possible.

I make mine a couple of different ways. I will either just add it to my blender bottle with coconut milk or almond milk, and shake it up and drink it. But I also will stick it in the blender to really mix it up..this is especially helpful if I am adding any kind of fruit or raw veggie to it. I find that there is no right or wrong way for me to drink it. There is also no right or wrong time to drink it. A lot of people say you have to drink it before your work out, but there are an equal number of people who will tell you to drink it after. From what I have found and what works for me, it really doesn’t matter. Either way you are getting the protein you need to help boost those amino acids.

Amino acids are the things that our body uses to repair torn muscle, working out is basically tearing those muscles over and over. We produce amino acids naturally, but sometimes we need extra help. Enter the Protein Powder. It helps replenish those amino acids and helps to give you that boost to repair those torn muscles. As I have stated in several blog posts, I am in no way a guru or a professional when it comes to nutrition. I do what I think is best and works for me. We are all different and have our own ways to make us a healthier, happier version of ourselves. This is one of mine!

I have another thing to point out. If you are following KETO and/or counting calories, then you can use this too! The calories are not that high (I don’t think they are, 110) and you are getting the added protein, so that balances out the calorie count in my mind and way of reasoning. For KETO’ers, the carbs are really low, net carbs 3g. Again not an expert, but I would say that is pretty darn good.

I also mix in a greens supplement that I will write another blog about later, keep your eyes posted for that one.

Go check out some of the shakes I have been making and instructions on how to make them on my Recipes page. There you will find all kinds of yummy goodness. Some healthy, some not so healthy. Either way I hope you find something to enjoy!!


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