Boot Camp Beginings

Tonight I ventured out into the world of exercise boot camps. I have never done one before, they do not sound like my idea of a good time. I don’t handle getting yelled at for motivation very well. We have all seen the bodybuilders yelling at these poor people who have signed up for something they thought would help them become better versions of themselves. So when I got an invite to go to a class with one of my husbands cousins, I was less than interested in going with her. I can motivate you and be your buddy via text, you go girl, you got this!

See, motivating.

Anyway she convinced me to go to this class with her and she found a deal to try it out for 30 days to see if we liked it. Now usually I don’t like any kind of class where the first one is not free. I like to see what I am getting into before I commit with any kind of payment other than my sweat and tears.

I arrived a few minutes prior to the start time. I had to sign the customary “your family wont sue us if we kill you” health waiver. Introduced myself to the trainer, who was more than helpful and really nice. Changed out of my street shoes and got a chance to look around. There were weights, and protein powders, t-shirts, motivational quotes, and many other things you would expect to see at a fitness facility.

The room was big with a platform in the center of the room. The platform felt springy to the touch, I would find out later that it helped me with the wonderful burpees I had forgotten about. There ware a station with exercise bands and metal platforms. We did not use them so I assume they are just there for decoration to spice up the place.

The trainer turned up the music and started pumping up the energy in the room from the very start. He had all kinds of motivating things to say. Like, “if you thought this would be easy, you were wrong” and “you aren’t going to feel this tomorrow, but you will feel it Friday”…pretty sure I was feeling it then and still feeling it now. He made comments like “you’re going to feel it in places you didn’t even know you had” …TRUTH…he should also probly look up the definition of motivational..just saying.

So for the next hour we did an assortment of short circuit training. Two minutes of this, five minutes of that. All the while I am laughing because I am so clearly out of shape. This body boot camp made me look like a little girl. A sweaty, messy haired, giggly little girl. The other people in class were very nice and very helpful. At one point I must have said something along the lines of quitting and meeting my cohort at the bar. To which another patron said “you got this, keep going” Which I found to be very helpful and irritating at the same time.

The class lasted an hour but it seemed much shorter than that. I am not complaining about that part at all. The trainer stated that we can log onto the website or download the app and we can set up a private session to go over goals, nutrition, and meal planning. All of those things I am looking forward to. I can get all the exercise I want, and enter in all of my information to my food tracking apps, but to have somebody who knows what they are talking about right there to help me…that is something I don’t think I could pass up.

We ended the class and got some additional information and parted ways in the parking lot. Planning our next visit to the sadistic torture chamber. On the way home I drank a wonderful protein shake I made with my Protein Powder and my Amazing Greens supplement (you can read about them in my Protein Power blog), I added blended blueberries this time and it was a treat! I thought about how my whole body felt like a bowl of jello… not even good jello, the yucky green kind. Everything hurt and I could barely feel my legs to be able to walk up the driveway into the house when I got home. I sat on the couch and drank a huge glass of water. This will be over 94oz today! I thought about what I had just put myself through, and I realized… I loved it!

It was hard work and I am incredibly sore, but it is a feeling I have had before. In the beginning of my journey, when I started this transformation I didn’t think that I would accomplish a single thing. Trying to lose weight has never been easy for me and like most people I got frustraited pretty easy. But I have come so far I can’t stop now.

This class tonight was difficult I’m not going to lie, I was sweaty and sucking wind pretty good. But I pushed through it and I feel great. I am looking forward to the results of my actions and I am happy that I got dragged into somethng new. It will be interesting to see what happens now that I have something to pair with my jazzercise. Which by the way, is childs play compaired to the boot camp. Not knocking my jazzercise, I am still faithful and stand by my statement that t works. The boot camp just worked me in a different way I wasn’t expecting.

So in short thank you to my husbands wonderful cousin, you made me come out of my comfort zone, and you got me pumped up to keep on track with my self improvement goals. I should listen to you more often! Doing a run with you is pretty much a no go….tell me more about this color run, and who is this dirty girl you speak of, and why doesn’t she just take a shower???

To all who read this, I hope this gives you some extra motivation for whatever it is in life that you think you can’t do. We are our own obsticles and we just have to get out of our own way!


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