Naughty Girl

Ok, so we all know the struggle when it comes to losing weight. Some days it is hard to just get out of bed let alone hit the gym or whatever form of exercise you have chosen for yourself. I myself am not a gym person you can read Boot Camp Beginings to just get a small idea of what I am working with right now. It also takes great strength to keep away from all the dangers of carbs and sugars, and anything else you can think of that we know is bad for us, but we enjoy every second of eating.

This week I have to be honest, I have slipped a little in the good food behavior categories. Monday, I stared out the week doing pretty good. We went out to brunch and I brought most of it home in a doggy bag, only to be thrown out the next day. I don’t like eating a lot of breakfast foods leftover because they never sit in my stomach very well. I then went to my boot camp class and found that I really don’t need my arms anymore. The workouts were all geared towards upper body strength, and I have none whatsoever. I thought my arms were going to fall off. I had my protein shake after class and that pretty much filled me up, so dinner was not a big deal for me.


Tuesday. Valentine’s Day. Need I say more? We had a meeting at work which involved lunch being called in. It was a delicious smorgasbord of deli sandwiches all on lovely croissants. So naturally I had three! Hey they were little! No judgements here. Along with the sammies were, potato chips and some kind of mayo dressings. Then to add insult to injury somebody went out and bought a chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day! Being the southern girl I am, I could not be rude, I had to have a piece…or two. I enjoyed my cake and I enjoyed not going to any of my classes. See how I snuck that in there.

Today I got up out of bed. Got dressed. Made myself a killer breakfast, packed with protein, and good fats. Packed a snack for myself to enjoy later in the day. Grabbed my gym bag, and headed to work. That is about as far as I got today with the healthy stuff. At work I indulged in another piece of that chocolate cake, candy hearts, and some other leftover candies we had in the office. Remember me talking about my arms after my boot camp on Monday? Today they were much worse. I could not extend my arms without letting out whimper’s of pain. Trying to pick things up and carry them around was almost impossible. Looking down at my arms today I noticed they are puffy, like those little mole hills in there are actually turning into muscles. I have noticed over the last few months that I am developing some kind of muscle in my upper arms, but the type of work out I got on Monday really made them look huge! I spent a lot of my day today massaging my arms, and trying to find new ways to lift things because I just couldn’t do it. Even extending my arms to reach for my phone was a nightmare.

I decided I was going to skip any kind of class that I had in mind for tonight, and just go home. The thought of a hot shower was the light at the end of the tunnel for me today. I got home hopped in the shower and sat down to eat dinner…left over homemade pizza. YUM! Not a single regret for this weeks behavior thus far.

My point tonight is that sometimes we just need to relax and indulge in some of those naughty eating habits. I am not one to deprive myself of anything I want. If I want a piece of cake I am getting a piece of cake. I think that when you start following a diet and exercise routine you should be able to incorporate some bad habits if you need to. I’m not a dietician or a health guru, so I am certainly not an expert on these things. But I know myself, and I know that I need room for errors. I need to be able to have that pizza or cake and be able to skip a day or two of working out ( mostly to recover from previous work outs) because if I try to stop all the bad habits at once, or I start depriving myself food that I am craving, I will fall off the wagon and not get back on.

I have come a long way from where I was a year ago. I have no intention of going backwards. Tomorrow I will be back in one of my classes, making other body parts scream in anguish. But so far this week, I have been very naughty…and I have enjoyed every single bite!


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