Random Thought of the Day

I am sitting here in my living room still dressed in my work out clothes from this evenings round of body changing activity, with the television on (not paying attention to it) while my Spotify player plays gently in the background of my laptop speakers. I am oblivious to anything else other that the melodies playing.

Music is something I was taught to appreciate when I was very young. The house was always filled with varying artists and genres. Anything from classical Wagner to the obnoxious disco that my mom would burn into my soul like a fiery inferno (get it..disco…inferno..nevermind) the point is that there was such a variety my parents listened to that as a child I learned quickly that music is something to be appreciated.

Music is something that we feel within our soul. We do not simply listen with our ears, but we listen with our hearts and our minds. It is a universal language that we all speak fluently and it is something that bonds each and every one of us to each other. There are a billion people on this planet and one of the things we have in common is that feeling we get when we hear a certain song. You know the one I am talking about. The hair stands up on the back of your neck, your eyes grow wide, a shiver is sent up your spine, and a smile breaks from you lips. You feel your heart beating a couple beats faster than normal, you take a deep breath, and you open your mouth to release the sweet sound of your voice in unison with the artist that has captured your heart, and in that moment you are united as one. Fate has brought you together for this one emotional moment, and you have given a piece of yourself to the melody that plays along.

We all have songs that we like, and then we have songs that we love. In a separate category are the songs that give us the euphoric state that I just described.

Tonight I am listening to a list that is a little like, a bit of love, and a lot of euphoria.

The artists on the playlist I have created are people who have stories to tell. When we sit down and listen to a song, we are literally listening to a collection of diary entries that have been set to rhythm and infused with melodies and harmonies. Just take a listen to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and you will see raw unfiltered emotion set up to stand the test of time. Turn it on the next time you go through a break-up or are falling in love and then tell me it has no relevance in today’s music industry.

Disclaimer : I am a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, all of them as a group are astoundingly beautiful to listen to, but to be fair they are as equally amazing apart. Lindsey Buckingham’s way of pouring every ounce of his soul into a song is amazing to me, and Stevie Nicks’ hauntingly powerful voice transcends anything I have ever heard. My husband says I am obsessed, I say passionate, but that is a different conversation completely.

Sitting here, I find myself to be relaxed and at peace. After a long day at work, somehow I managed to get to my boot camp class. From there I came home ate dinner, and put something in the crock pot for a baby shower we are having at work tomorrow for a coworker. I pulled up my Spotify playlist as a way to turn off my brain, and unwind. Instead, I find myself writing a blog post that has no real point.

I would like to know what some of your favorite songs are, I am always looking to discover new music. I would like to know what kind of power they have over you. What songs make you happy or sad? Which ones pump you up or fill you with energy? Which ones speak to your soul, and define who you are as person…..




3 thoughts on “Random Thought of the Day

  1. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire, Life On Mars – David Bowie, Skin – Sixx AM, Blown Wide Open – Big Wreck, Lithium – Nirvana, Sail – AWOLNATION, Insomnia – Electric President, Stage Fright – The Band, All I Really Want – Alanis Morissette, Pick Up The Pieces – Nat Jay, Unstoppable – Sia, Outside – Staind, For You – Staind, Yellow – Coldplay, A Thousand Years – Christina Perri, Rise Above This – Seether, Save Me – Unwritten Law, Disarm – The Smashing Pumpkins, The Return – Machine Gun Kelly, No Love – Eminem Feat. Lil Wayne, The Way I am – Eminem, Clumsy – Our Lady Peace, Just Breathe – Pearl Jam, Two Fingers – Jake Bugg, She Talks To Angels – The Black Crowes, Mr Jones – The Crows, Runaway Train – Soul Asylum, Swing Life Away – Rise Against

    Just to name a few? LOL I love music and all kinds, I tried to pick some of my favorite songs, some I completely relate to and feel good songs. Sorry it’s a long list, I have like tons of cds, thousands of songs on my ipod etc so you can say my selection in music is very large. I also grew up in a house where music was played all the time (Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll etc A LOT of David Bowie) Fleetwood Mac is one of my favs, and Rumors will always remain one of my all time favorite albums. Great post! 🙂 And I do have a list of favorite songs, playlists for moods, albums etc. My OCD can be great for organizing my music, but it also can be bad as it has to be like perfect. Sorry I didn’t really go into detail what each of these songs mean to me or what they do for me I figured my comment was long enough. Haha

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    1. Awesome! Thank you for your comment,some of these song I know and some I don’t…I will look into the ones I don’t!
      I appreciate your feedback. I also have a huge catalog of music to choose from for any occasion or mood that arises. The cool thing for me, is that some of these selections I have known for years and they constantly change meaning for me as my life progresses. I love the fluidity that music has for all of us and it truly does keep usconnected to our senses and each other!
      I will be making a post about some of the songs and link it to this post. This way I can share a little more about myself. ☺


      1. No problem! Glad I could list a few you never heard of as I also like discovering new music. I know what you mean how selections can change meaning as we get older and life changes. I also love how music can keep us connected and has so many benefits like altering our moods and being therapeutic to many. I look forward to your post about specific songs and it is a great idea to share more things about yourself. 🙂

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