Starting New Adventures

My husband and I are itching for the winter season to be over. We are anticipating the upcoming spring and summer season so we can go outside and be one with the nature. The fact that we spent the weekend at Cabela’s gathering more camping gear and even started gathering backpacking gear does not help with our cabin fever. But here I sit, staring out the window at a random snow storm that will be dumping about 15 inches or so over the next 2 days, and for me, the light at the end of the white tunnel is the promise of outdoor activity in the upcoming months.

For me this is a very strange concept because I have never been THAT girl. The nature girl. The girl who wants be outside hiking, or camping or any other standard outdoor activity. Hot, sweaty, and buggy is not really my thing. We were able to go on an amazing camping trip last year, just the two of us. We had been camping with other friends and family several times before, but this time it was just us and the nature. I don’t know how he got me to agree to go but I spent most of the summer waiting patiently for our August trip, and when it finally came time to go I was over excited. If you would like to know a little but more about where we went go ahead and read Feeling That Summer Fever, it will give a little information about where we went, and it will shed additional light on the anticipation we have about the summer.

So this weekend we decided to spend some time at Cabela’s, just looking to see if there were any hidden treasures we did not have from last years gear accumulation. We ended up spending a small fortune. We have decided, in addition to camping, we are going to start backpacking.  We have had several conversations over the last few months, since returning from our camping trip, and we have decided that we would like to be able to get up and go whenever we feel like it. Backpacking will give us the chance to get back to the basics of life and see what we are capable of with minimal essentials. We are excited to start!


Walking around the store. Getting a good idea of what we are about to get into.

Around Christmastime last year we were out at Cabela’s and I finally decided to commit to buying a pair of hiking boots. I realized I would need a pair because if I rolled my ankle one more time while we were on a trail, I would have probably broken a bone or killed myself. We were trying on boots and roaming around the store and we came across the freeze-dried camp food section. I told my hubby that I thought that would be a good thing to have on hand for our next trip and I would like to try some of them before we were out in the woods, so guess what I got for Christmas! So slowly we have been inching our way towards this backpacking thing. This weekend’s trip to the outdoor store was another chance for us to start Jumping.

I bought a backpack I found about 4 months ago. It is the Kelty RedCloud 80 and it is a beautiful pack! From what I understand, and yes I am a novice, the pack is good for trips that are about a week-long. The salesman was incredibly informative and helpful with fitting the pack to my body. He answered any and every question we had regarding the pack. He then suggested that we weigh it down a bit and I walk all around the store to get a feel for how the pack fits. I have to say that was the part that sealed the deal.I had been eyeing up this pack for about 4 months, and I never really got around to wearing it. The sales guy knew what he was talking about! I can’t wait to start packing actual gear in it, and get myself conditioned for the first trek of the season. We have to go back and get one for my husband, he is looking at another 80 pack, so between the two of us, we should have plenty of space to take what we need. Learning how to pack will be an interesting task to learn all on its own! We also bought a new tent. The one we bought last year is not ideal for backpacking as it is too heavy. One of the selling points for me was that the tent is made of mosquito netting and comes with a separate rain fly to go over the top. Which means lots of stargazing will be done inside of this tent! I will give reviews on both of my new toys as soon as I get a chance to really use them. Right now there is too much snow on the ground for me to even think about taking them outside!


One step closer to new adventures!

For now I am left to my own imagination about what the summer has in store for us. My husband is busy with ideas of how to make a camp fire-box. There are a lot of things we are looking at to ensure we really enjoy this new chapter of adventure. We are novices and we are happy that we have each other to bounce ideas off of. The cool thing is that this is a hobby that is learned as you go. Which means we are able to make all the mistakes we can and learn from them. I understand that this has potential to be dangerous especially if we don’t know what we are doing, but I assure you we are not taking an uneducated leap into the woods. We are trying to learn anything we can that may be helpful, so if you have tips or tricks, please comment below!

For now I will continue to stare out the window at the snow falling on the ground, and make a wish for sunshine and warm weather!


We had sunshine yesterday!


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