Starting Point

As I have mentioned before, several times, we are venturing into the territory of backpacking. You can read more about us Starting New Adventures and see what I am talking about. I have also mentioned that we have beenGearing Up , and two weekends ago brought us one step closer with the purchase of the hubby’s backpack! It was all very exciting. When we bought mine, I got to walk around the store with some weight added to it, so when it came time to buy his, things were done the same way. Let me tell you, it sure made us confident in our purchases having an idea of what to expect once we start packing them for the trails. We are slowly getting where we need to be and having a lot of fun in the process.


His and Hers

We will be packing them up and doing quite a bit of hiking before we venture out into the wilderness. Things are coming along quite nicely. We booked our first primitive camping trip for mid June, so there is a deadline we have to meet. Here in WI we are waiting for winter to let go,  and let us get started with some of the physical preparation we need to have in order to make this new hobby safe and enjoyable. Until then, we just hoard and try to prepair as much as possible.

Our first primitive camping experience will be done on Rock Island WI.

Rock Island is north of Washington Island WI. It takes 2 ferry rides to get there (unless you have a boat,canoe, or kayak of your own) and there are no wheeled contraptions allowed on the island, this includes bicycles. The island is part of the state park system, and hosts an average of 30,000 visitors a year. I guess this year it will have 30,0002! The island has no electricity and requires you to bring everything you need with you on the ferry because once there, there are no resources available. The nearest hospital is 55 miles away!
We are really looking forward to the seclusion and serenity the island has to offer. It is going to allow us to unplug and reconnect with what nature has to offer. I am a little nervous but also very excited. I am already imagining what that night sky looks like. I know WI has seen the Aurora’s from time to time. I am hoping we are far enough north to see them.



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